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My many years of experience as a Personal Trainer specializing in Corrective Exercise and Human Movement Training comes with me to the massage table.  I understand where the muscles are and what they are "supposed" to do, however, I also understand what happens when there is dysfunction in a joint due to muscles being over active or not activating at all.  Although my massages are nurturing and therapeutic, they are less "spa like" and more focused and productive like that of a sports massage. 

Massage is great for relaxing, it is true, and the relaxation response plays a huge role in over all health & wellness.  However, massage can also stimulate the lymphatic system helping move toxins and inflammation out of the body, increase circulation, increase "mood lifters" which help with anxiety & depression, and improve digestion.

I also love when I get a client who enjoys essential oils, as I too have a love for them as well.  Aromatouch massage includes 8 essential oils which are meant to support the body with relaxation, mood balance, inflammation, and re-energizing.  This can be added to your massage FREE of charge anytime!  It feels and smells amazing!


  • 60 minute massage - $85

  • TWO 60 minute massages - $145       paid monthly 

  • 60 minute massage 1X per week - $260 paid monthly

**I do not typically do 90 minute massages.  It is my opinion my clients get greater benefits from coming more frequently rather than spending more time on my table.

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