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Essential Oils

Essential oils can greatly benefit our wellness.  These oils come from the parts of plant that help protect it, support growth and bring it beauty.  It only makes sense they can do the same for us!  We have been using essential oils for over 8 years and cannot wait to share them with you!  Below are a few essential oils we have in our home and love:

  • Clove - great for supporting the immune system

  • Oregano - is antifungal

  • Tea Tree Oil - is antibacterial, antifungal, anti viral, anti septic, an expectorant and anti-inflammatory.  Tea tree oil has the ability to kill microbes on surfaces and on skin.

  • Ginger - anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, aids digestion, expectorant

Here is a link to our Essential Oil store:


Purchase Essentials

You can purchase essential oils and essential oil products from our store by clicking the link above


Essential Oil Education

We offer very basic education on how essential oils work.  We are far from experts but if you have been thinking of incorporating essential oils into your life and home, we can teach you the basics and offer resources to help you dive deeper if you choose.  Message us for more information and upcoming classes.


Mainely Melody's Herbals

We are proud to use Mainely Melody's Herbals which are locally made right in Friendship, ME.  Message us about CBD pain salve, psoriasis salve, and more!

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