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Athletic Training

We offer sport specific athletic training for teens & adults.  Our program is top notch when it comes to injury recovery as well as injury prevention.  Many athletes want to improve the performance at their sport and we can help with that!  
Some people just love to lift weights and build a strong looking physique and we have programs and experience with that too!


Athletic Training

We have a unique set of skills which offers sport specific strength & performance conditioning combined with human movement and corrective exercise training.  This means we can help our athletes figure out where a dysfunction is in their body mechanics and teach them how to move better to prevent reoccuring injuries.  In addition, we have actual playing time experience with sports such as soccer, softball/baseball, basketball, lacrosse, and tennis.  We have also trained athletes who are dancers, gymnists, & martial artists.  Having played these sports we undertand the movements and performance elelments, such as strength, power & agility, needed to excel.

Maybe you're a soccer player who wants to kick farther, a basketball player who wants to dunk, martial artist who wants more flexibility or a runner with a reoccuring knee injury,  We can help you play pain free and be your best!

PARENTS, do you have teens who are lifting weights and you are worried they are doing it wrong....keep scrolling....

Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding

Any weight lifting can be considered "bodybuilding".  If you are lifting weights to build a stronger body, you are building your body!
Whether you want more power, just feel like you need more strength, or want to achieve a lean muscular looking physque we are prepared to help you with all of it!
Most injuries happen due to repetive action.  Weight lifting programs ARE repetive action.  Our knowledge in human movement and corrective exercise training will educate you on what your body needs to reach your goals without pain and injury.  If you are a longtime weight lifter and deal with pain, we can help!  If you are new to weight lifting and are not sure where to start or if the plan you have is the best way to move forward with your goals...we got you covered!  You want to strength train but are too intimidated to go to a gym..come on over, we've been there!

We love making people stronger and helping with injuries but we also love helping those who want to see a certain physique when they look in the mirror.  If you have always wanted to build muscles you can see and are ready to be lead by trainers who know how to get you there,

you should contact us!

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