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Weight Loss/Fat Loss

Trying to lose fat can be frustrating for many people.  With all the information floating out there it can be difficult to know what is the right path, and if you have gone up and down with weight for years, we know how that feels!  We are here to help!

Food and Drink

Knowledge is Power

Cardio and beating yourself up is not the most efficient way of losing fat.  Examining your relationship with food IS!  While I cannot prescribe a diet for you, and I would never want any of the information I give to take place of any information given to you by one of those health professionals, I can offer education on mindset training, behavior modification, how the metabolism works, cravings and hormones.  Changing the dialog in your mind, habit training and a overhaul on your relationship with food is the key to getting results you can keep.  My programs can help you learn how to make an exercise and food plan which will work best for your lifestyle and body.  BUT we take this one step further than other coaching programs.....

Real Change is Coming

We offer elements missing in the personal training & fitness coaching industry.  What we have is interactive and personalized.  We address important items such as personal relationship with food and body image.  Our program gives you the chance for results and skills you can keep for life!
Instead of just plopping a meal plan in front of you we have therapeautic coaching and education on emotional eating in a group setting with

Cheyenne Ross,

BA Human Servicies, MA Mental Health Counseling.

In this group you will learn:

  • How emotional eating has helped you cope in the past

  • What emotions do for you and why you need them to survive

  • How to track emotions through the DBT Emotion Model, so you can understand where your emotions are coming from

  • How to sit with uncomfortable emotions in the present

  • How to let go of past pain, guilt, shame, etc. AND how to not bring future pain, guilt, shame, etc. into the present moment

  • Tons of coping strategies to replace emotional eating so you can promote short term and long term healthy coping skills

  • AND a whole lot more!

CONTACT US for more information!

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